Twisted Monkey Media

22 Langley Hall Drive, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, West Midlands, B75 7NQ.

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Ad-bikes, advertising bikes, Ad bike Trailers whatever you wish to call them enable our advertiser to take their message directly to their audience using two industry standard six-sheet posters. Their compact design means that your advertisement is seen in the heart of towns and cities delivering high-impact campaigns at a very low cost per thousand. The Ad-Bikes can navigate where larger mediums struggle to reach in effect ensuring your campaign fully covers your target area and target audience.
Our trained riders will act as your brand ambassadors and are on hand to promote your business. As ambassadors they can hand out promotional material samples or flyers while also being able should you wish to wear your branded clothing to further enhance your campaign.
Their Brief is quite simple.
To Hit the highest footfall areas and get your message seen by as many people as possible
We can also if you wish brief the riders with a script enabling them to answer questions about your business, campaign and direct the public to your location.
We offer national or regionally focused campaigns for clients and with Ad-Bikes an environmentally friendly alternative to other forms of advertising that will still effectively reach your audience.

Advertising that does not cost the “EARTH”