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There are relatively few Ad Van / Mobile Billboard operators in the UK and most operate the very large trucks, at Twisted Monkey Media we chose the opposite and use The Aixam Mega which can access parts of Towns, Cities and retail areas that the large trucks have no chance of reaching or are more often than not expelled from.

Mobile Billboards Advertising works as either a stand alone campaign or as part of an effective marketing strategy.
Helping with our clients marketing goals whilst generating Brand, Service and product awareness and offering R.O.I

Our little trucks are seen by thousands of people every day they cannot be switched off or channel changed you cant turn over a page they are in peoples faces hour on hour day after day.
What also needs to be remembered is it’s no competition advertising, unlike in Newsprint or TV and Radio and Web Based advertising your ad is not competing and as such receives so much more attention.

Twisted Monkey Media trucks uses a unique quick release vinyl banner system, all 3 of the banners can be changed in just a few minutes.

The banners themselves can be used time and time again and in constant use would last approximately 2 years before the ink would start to fade.

Our fleet of Aixam Mega Trucks are quirky, very cute, environmentally friendly and create a stir wherever they go ensuring your message is placed before your target audiences eyes.
More and more national and local businesses are taking advantage of mobile billboards as one of the most cost effective mediums for delivering your message to specifically targeted areas.
In city use during a typical 8 hour day your message will be seen by up to 100,000 people and your message is a stand alone one not fighting for position with a hundred other ads.
Our trucks work even when parked, so on the road or parked in eye catching places your ad will be working hour on hour. A daily or weekly driver report will be sent via email and will also include digital photographs.

Advertising that does not cost the “EARTH”